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BK PROM GROUP- промышленные решения

«БК ПРОМ» на сегодняшний день состоит в ряде самых востребованных компаний на рынке, ведь мы всегда слышим и понимаем потребности своих клиентов, предоставляя, не только выгодное сотрудничество, но и удобный сервис обслуживания. Больше того, только наша компания может похвастаться опытным конструкторским потенциалом и сотрудничеству с научно-исследовательскими учреждениями, результаты которых, наши высококвалифицированные мастера, умело воплощают в жизнь.
Специалисты, компетентно и технично осуществляют полный цикл поставленных задач, начиная от проектирования до пуско-наладочных работ. Наша фирма своему пользователю вместе с качественным сервисом обслуживания, предоставляет и гарантийные условия эксплуатации.
«БК ПРОМ» — ведущая компания, которая рада сотрудничает как с большими, средними, так и малыми предприятиями, на весьма выгодных условиях и на благо клиенту, который всегда остается довольный и обращается к нам для решения своих новых, производственных потребностей.
Посетите нашу компанию, и вы сами убедитесь, что сотрудничать с нами не только легко, но и невероятно рентабельно.
Products And Services
Drying complex AVM
In stock 
250000 UAH
The drying plant AMS-065, AMS-1,5 The system is designed for drying the feedstock to the desired moisture. Sawdust drying in a tumble dryer is still the most effective way, even despite the fact that the market has a lot of other options dryers. drum drying technology is debugged over the years...
Group: Dryers for sawdust
Granulation knot, line of a granulation
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
800000 UAH
Wholesale: 750000 UAH from 2 pcs
Ours the company is engaged in design and production equipment and knots for lines of granulation. Our products are widely used in woodworking branch and also in the agrarian and industrial complex sphere. Each order miscalculates and carried out individually depending on need of the client....
Group: Forages granulator
Crusher of the DM type
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
65000 UAH
Wholesale: 60000 UAH from 2 pcs
Ours to the privayena p_dpri¾mstvo zayma¾tsya proyektuvannyam і virobnitstvy, and takozh real_zats і є yuobladnannya that vuzl_v for l_n_y granulyats і ї. Molotkova a crusher to the DM type produktivn_styu v_d 0,65 tons on a time widely zastosovu¾tsya for podr_bnennya zernovy і nezernovy...
Group: Wood crusher
Bunker store
In stock 
Bunker store: Individual production of the bunker under the order of the client. The bunker store of raw materials is intended for collecting the crushed raw materials before a granulation. Settles down directly over the granulator. It is equipped by a voroshitel who prevents raw materials lag,...
Group: Bins for pellets
Briquetting machine B-80
In stock 
750000 UAH
    1. Productivity (kg / hr.)    - Straw    - sawdust    - for sunflower seed 600-900 900-1100 700-900   2. The diameter of preform (mm.)  80  3. preform Density  1.2-1.4  4. briquette length  arbitrary  5. Humidity material (%)  12-17  6. Work life before...
Group: Briquetting Machine
Pellets from a lucerne
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
5700 UAH
Wholesale: 5600 UAH from 22 t.
Diameter 8 mm pellets.The plant capacity allows 200-300 tons / month with one shift. May increase the tonnage of alfalfa harvest season with the transition to 2x, 3x replacement schedule and the integration of additional equipment.Packing in big bags of 1 ton, On demand, other packaging...
Group: Forage for farm animals
Noriya 0102
In stock 
Noriya 0102 Noriya — the device intended for raising of bulks in the vertical direction. Description of goods Represents vertical tape (or chain) the conveyor with ladles due to which continuous movement raising of material is carried out. As a rule, the conveyor is placed in a rectangular...
Group: Norias
Separator disk DS-7
In stock 
Separator disk DS-7 Description of goods The separator disk DS-7 is intended for sorting of fractional material (opit, spill, shaving, peat) and other materials. The separator, by means of shaft with disks, sorts large pieces of wood waste or other raw materials and gives them on a dumping...
Group: Rotary separators
Rotary valve 102
In stock 
Lock lock 102 Working volume is from 9 l to 14 l Are intended for ensuring uniform continuous unloading of dry, loose products (dust-like, granular and melkokuskovy, etc.) From bunkers, cyclones and the doser. Depending on execution it can be used for various loose products (food and nonfood...
Group: Feeders Rotary
Raw materials reception cyclone
In stock 
11 kW are completed with krylchatky power 7,5kvt. Description of goods Cyclones of reception of raw materials and cooling are intended for centrifugal cleaning and catching of the large raw particles, dust, metal inclusions. 11 kW are completed with krylchatky power 7,5kvt.   You watch...
Group: Cyclones
Straw cutter, straw grinder
In stock 
Straw cutter, straw grinder Description of goods The grinder of straw is necessary addition to lines of production of pellets or briquettes. it is intended for crushing of biomass of all types of dry straw (grain, bean, colza), the corn stalks, etc. packed into bales of a cylindrical form...
Group: Crushers of straw
The column is cooling
In stock 
It is applied to cooling of granules after their exit from the granulator. Description of goods The cooler of granules of continuous action is intended for cooling of the granules arriving from the press granulator. Passing through a column, granules are cooled, get durability and hardness,...
Group: Coolers of granules and pellets


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